Review Request Guidelines

**UPDATE 12/09/2017: I’m back for a short time lining up Spotlight posts and hopefully reading a couple of books. I’m sorting through the overflowing email box in search of things to read and spotlight.

If you wish to have a book spotlighted or wish to supply an interview, please provide prepared copy and any images and links.

Thanks for stopping by!

Each month, I will select at titles from my incoming mailbox and read each in turn. I would like to respond to everyone as well, but that in itself is a full-time occupation. Unfortunately, I will not be able to respond to everyone who submits a request.

About once a week, I will select an author to spotlight in lieu of a review from that same email inbox. In order to be considered for a spotlight, please include a brief bio and decently written summary/blurb of the submitted book, including buy links.  You may also include a photo or two of yourself or of any relevant artwork.  Usually, I capture the cover from one of the purchase sites, but you may include that as well.

Please read the guidelines below carefully, even if you’ve visited before. I have updated a few points below.


Disclaimer: I do not accept monetary compensation for any book review. These are my opinions, and I am entitled to them. A free book does not guarantee a positive review.

If you’d like to see my grading rubric, click here.
I reserve the right to change these guidelines or close submissions at any time for any reason.

If you would like to see a list of other indie reviewers, visit or

What I like to Read:

Science Fiction
Short Stories
Literary Fiction
Children’s Books (Pre-school through Middle School)

This does not mean I won’t read a little bit of everything, but these will get top consideration, especially Sci-Fi. All sub-genres of these are welcome as well.

I want to read Indie Books. This means self-published or published by a small or independent publishing house.

I refer to help authors with fewer than 50 reviews (on one site). If you already have 50 reviews on your retail site, I am not likely to accept your submission.

I don’t consider myself a complete prude, but if your book is heavy on graphic sex and light on plot or any meaningful writing, please do not submit. The story is more important than the sex scenes.

Please make sure your book is as free of errors as possible before you send it to me (or publish it, for that matter). One thing that I find irritating is dozens of overlooked errors, and I may give up on reading the book if I’m bogged down by too many. I do accept ARCs but expect them to be as error free as can be. I understand there will be formatting/layout errors. Find yourself an editor or at least have a knowledgeable friend proofread it for you. Please be professional about your work.


I’m not tough at this point. No hoops to jump through here.
Requests from Authors, Publicists, and Publishers only.
Contact me if you have any questions.

1. Send me any digital copy (.mobi, .epub, pdf, word, etc) or a link and coupon code for seller website. I reserve the right to convert these copies into other forms, depending upon my device requirements at any given moment. I accept Kindle, Nook, Sony, and other e-reader file types. Audiobooks are also eligible.
2. In the email body, include the title, author, word count, and description. Note which on-line vendors are selling the book (i.e., Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, etc.)
3. Email to with the subject “Book Review Request – [title]” or “Spotlight Request – [title]” (this is so I can find emails quickly)

The Process:

I don’t read submissions in any particular order, so I can’t give you any idea when the review might appear on my blog. I read what strikes my mood at the time. Frankly, I like to enjoy what I’m reading, so I don’t rush. I can’t make any guarantees WHEN or IF a book will be read. None.

When I am actively reading your book, it will appear in the On Deck section of On My Shelf. I may have multiple books open at the same time.

Once I’ve finished a book, I will post the review or a critique, depending on my judgment of the book. The post will include book cover image (grabbed from vendor site), buy link, and review.

Regardless of the rating I give, I will rate and review the book on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or other booksellers where the book appears. I will offer constructive criticism if I can. I’m not here to tear anyone down, but I want to be as honest as possible.

If you want to see when your review is posted, you can follow this blog or follow me on Facebook.

Good Luck!

Other Options:

If you would like to have a guest post, promo, or interview posted without submitting a book for a review, please include a media kit (text, images, etc) for the post.  I do screen such submissions and reserve the right to decline any post I feel does not reflect the intentions, personality, or mood of my blog. I will format the information provided for my blog and post on the day you request, if available.   I prefer to publish one post per day for best exposure.

All posts cross-post to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Updated: 05/17/2017


  1. Hi,

    I visit your blogs and read some parts of it and thought you made some really great points. If you have a chance, please read and review my book if you are interested, titled ” Enter The Monkey”. Enter The Monkey is an exquisitely and often painfully soul-baring true life story. I think it might be of interest to your readers.If you do please let me know.

    You can check it here:



  2. I. LOVE. YOU. You are one of the handful (if that) of reviewers who desire “meaningful writing” and know that sex does not equal plot. This is the first time visiting your blog and as I said, I love you. I have no fixed deadline for any review you might have a spare second to look at my books. They are futuristic sci-fi (low tech) which I hope you will like.
    Thanks so much again,


  3. Your blog is very impressive and you seem very dedicated to indie authors. Wonderful! Following your directions, I am submitting a book you may be interested in but wanted to notify you here because sometime my emails get lost in spam due to my website address being .Productions and not .com
    Thank you so much for you time!


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