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The Only City Left – Andy Goldman

indexThis title offers a unique combination of dystopian sci-fi and paranormal characters. I found myself engaged with the characters and trying to keep a close eye on the details that would help solve the bit of mystery running like a thread throughout the digital pages.

We are in a wrecked, vacated, ruin of a city cast in perpetual darkness. Pockets of civilization struggle against dark forces to maintain existence, and not all of these communities are human. Allin, our young protagonist, encounters ghosts, talking cats, and werewolves in this creative adventure.

Andy Goldman sets up the reader with an immediate entanglement of a literal nature. In an attempt to reach The Roof of the World, Allin must escape a pack of metallic tacmites with razor sharp teeth and is left dangling in the dark above the floor of a decrepit shopping mall. From then on, the adventure doesn’t stop.

 4 Stars

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