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Playback Effect – Karen A. Wyle

pbe-kawPunishing the perpetrators of heinous crimes is an ethical struggle that continues to be controversial, even in our advanced social age. In this thrilling page-turner, the reader witnesses a method that uses special recording devices to collect the memories of those injured at the scene of the crime, and these recordings are played back in the mind of the convicted criminal.

But how will this method affect an innocent man accused of the terrorist crime in which his own wife is critically injured?

Probing into the depths of pleasure, pain, and empathy, Playback Effect pulls the reader into the heads of the main characters with an easy flow, connecting each scene to form and complete the mystery.

5 Stars



My Delicate Destruction-Jillian Ashe

Paternal twins Kris and Kat find out they share more than just their good looks.

For years, Kris has suffered from cancer, living in hospitals a great deal of his life. His sister is healthy and feels guilt for not being sick herself. She street races: fast cars, monetary prizes, and, all too often, a nasty crash.MDDJA

Kris was dying, and I needed to feel like I was living enough for both of us.

While Kris appears to be in remission, Kat takes suddenly and seriously ill with a similar form of cancer, though the progression appears more rapid. In an attempt to save her life, her doctor offers a highly experimental procedure. A serum will reverse the effects and eliminate the cancer, but she must go into cryogenic status or the medicine won’t have time to work. Kris volunteers to take the treatment as well. In a few years, they’ll wake up cancer free.

Throughout the novel, the first in the Wolfegang Series, Ashe portrays a young woman struggling with the hand fate has dealt her. She and her brother have always been close, and she is wracked with guilt over his illness, wishing he were well.  She feels overwhelmed by his constant bitterness at his situation. Once he was athletic and confident; now he is run down and haggard. In order to deal with her emotions, she turns to the dangerous occupation of street racing. The challenges give her a feeling of power over her life. She likes to win and makes risky moves to do so.

Told from first person through the main portion of the book, the reader is immersed in Kat’s perceptions of her world and the people she loves and hates. Making the decision to place her life on hold for years is heart-wrenching.

4 Stars


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