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Messy Room And Other Rhymes – Sharon Lewis


Reading these whimsical children’s rhymes as an adult, especially a parent, I can’t help but giggle at the poetic tales.

I particularly liked This Box, a poem depicting how a box can be the perfect toy. In this case, a pirate ship sets out in search of Three Seats Island on a sea of carpet, looking for buried treasure.

Nana’s Hugs is a sweet reminiscence of a mother’s knitting, a memory I can relate to. My mother knitted, crocheted and sewed many of our clothes. I learned to knit from her, though I don’t do much of my own.

The entire collection is worth reading to your children. They will enjoy the fun tales written for them.

4 Stars




Sonnets – Charles Gerard Timm

Written in the Shakespearean tradition, this collection of sonnets describes the story of unobtainable love.SonCGT

“Since love from you can set my loving free,/ Let’s trust I’ll be the friend you are to me.”

The “narrator” seeks the attentions of someone who has always garnered his* affections, but she is married to another man and won’t entertain his desires. He struggles to contain himself whenever he is in her presence, a struggle that proves so intense as to be overwhelming at times.

“Perhaps someday we’ll feel our souls combine/ If ever you share parted lips with mine.”

There are so many wonderfully worded lines in these poems, I found myself highlighting something in each sonnet, especially when he compares himself to cloth: “But I say wrap those sweet imagined parts/ With me the cloth that drapes your curving path…”

Anyone who has ever experienced love will understand the feelings expressed openly in these poems.

5 Stars

*I use the male gender for simplification, but I sense that the narrator of the poems could be either male or female. Specification as male is rare throughout the works and would be easily interchangeable.

Lest We Forget – Brian L. Porter

Poetry reminds us that is doesn’t take 50,000 words to tell a story.Lest We Forget

Within the poems sketched by Mr. Porter, we delve into the world of wars past, the trials our fathers and grandfathers lived through in the earlier part of the 20th century. With practiced diligence, Porter depicts the excitement and the emaciation of war, the pride in fighting, and the pain in dying.

My own fatherĀ and my husband’s grandfather both served in the US Navy in WWII. I have listened to stories about the pranks, what life was like, and how it felt to watch someone die, whether by enemy fire or because that person simply couldn’t go on being a part of the atrocities. Lest We Forget does an excellent job of capturing many such stories in the brief but descriptive form of poetry. While many of the poems follow the same form of the four-line stanza and abba or abab rhyme scheme, each poem defines itself by subject matter or word selection.

Many of the poems are dedicated to specific events , squadrons, or individuals related to various wartime campaigns, including the World Wars and Korea.

Lest We Forget: An Anthology of Remembrance is available on and is published by Creativia.




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